Too many lovies?

Those of you who have taken care of Tyson for any period of time know that he is EXTREMELY attached to his pacifier and soft blue blanket. Today, I think he's added one or maybe even two more lovies (let's hope it was just a one-time occurrence).

When I was getting Tyson ready for school, he kept pointing at his pile of stuffed animals. He was pretty adamant about wanting one of them. Most of the time, he plays with other toys and just occasionally runs and jumps into his pile of stuffed animals. He went and picked up a stuffed sheep and acted like he does this every day.

I let him take it in the car and figured he will forget about it by the time we get to school. Well - he threw a fit when I tried to leave it in the car. So, we showed Ms. Ashley his new best friend. He kept it through the day and slept with it during nap.

When it was time for his bath tonight, he started looking around and doing his sign language for his blanket (all were downstairs, and so was the sheep). So, I grabbed his teddy bear out of his crib and he decided that was a good substitute. OR, ADDITION. When we got downstairs he also grabbed the sheep and his blanket. He apparently needed all of them to get in the crib with him. I barely made it up the stairs carrying him and all of his new loveys...


Katie said...

That reminds me of Anna. She always had her "stuff." That was her paci, blanket, and whichever lovie she liked that day. Sometimes, my kids sleep with like 5 at a time. Funny.

the rodriguez crew said...

That's hilarious and so cute! Maybe you could drop them off one by one at the "pet adoption center" for "needy" kids?!!? ha! I'm sure I'll be there in no time... we have paci and blankie too!