Fire truck

Tonight our neighborhood celebrated "national night out". It was really last tuesday, but since the hurricane, er, tropical storm, er, non-threatening rain was blowing through that day, they moved it. There were 4 different "stations" with activities, and one of them happened to be at the end of our street.

We decided to take Tyson down the street to see the big fire truck. He loves his toy fire trucks, but when a fire truck came to visit his school, they said he was afraid of it. Maybe it was just because we weren't there with him, because he loved this one. He doesn't understand the concept of taking turns yet (major problem at the water park in Chicago, lol). He did pretty well with it though. I would just tell him he had 30 more seconds to sit in it when another kid walked up (I'm sure he understood exactly what I meant...)

The firemen even turned on the lights, sirens and blew the horn for the kids. I think he's a fan of them now!

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lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

How fantastic! Looks like Tyson enjoyed the adventure - but the firetruck must seem huge to a little one. What a great experience for him. Grandma