Basketball and funny talk

Today Tyson was obsessed with playing basketball. He was very vocal while he was playing so I turned on the camera. Now you can see some of his dialect in full force :) I swear near the end he says "two at once."

Also, just had to share his guilty face... he got caught checking out a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog!

Fireman's hats are only cool these days if you wear them crooked.

Last thing, an update on the lovies. The teddy bear appears to be a one-time thing, but it looks like the sheep/lamb is here to stay, for now atleast! Now we're trying to come up with a name for it. Suggestions are welcomed!


Anonymous said...

how about "ewe"? haha, just kidding.
aunt lynn

lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

I (an old basketball player and coach myself) loved how Tyson used the backboard toward the end of his performance. He is so cute and really growing up so much! Grandma