20 Months

It seems a little silly sometimes to keep doing monthly updates on Tyson. Now that he is 20 MONTHS OLD, he basically just keeps expanding on the things he can already do (talking more and more, being more outgoing and energetic every day (boy did we learn all about that on our vacation ;-)). But, we are just too proud of him so I'll do a post anyways!

Tyson is so independent. He wants to do everything by himself and hates to ask us for help. The only exception is when he's sick or just waaaaay too tired to function. Just last night, we went jogging around the block to get in some exercise before the storm hits. When we got back he had to push the stroller up and down the street to show me he could do it himself. He is finally tall enough to reach the top handle of both strollers (taken with ghetto phone camera)...


His favorite things to do - learn new words, hit (yuck), play in water, give kisses and hugs (he actually gives "clean" kisses, not sloppy wet open-mouth ones like a lot of kids do)
I'm sure I am forgetting something important, but we'll update it later if we remember and we love you Tyson!!

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lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

What a handsome young man! He looks happy and healthy. I would honored to receive a wet sloppy kiss from Tyson anytime! Grandma