Imaginary Friend

Today when I dropped Tyson off at school, Ms. Ashley asked me if I thought Tyson had an imaginary friend. She said that when he eats, he likes to have an empty seat next to him. He puts some of his food in front of the other chair and talks to himself (or his friend...). Then when the teachers turn around, he eats his friend's food. They only see him eat the food in front of him. She was hesitant to ask me about this because she said some parents freak out if you suggest their child has an imaginary friend. I thought it was great. I used to have 3 imaginary friends when I was little :)

We haven't ever thought he had one, but he also eats in a high chair at home so he doesn't have a chance to put food to the side for a friend. Guess we'll keep an eye out and see if we notice it too!!

We also had the first instance of Tyson talking loudly in a quiet public place... it was just in the waiting room of the ENT yesterday, but he said "OFF" very loudly when my cell phone screen turned off, then said "UH-OH" and said bye-bye to a man who got called in for his appointment. Not embarassing in the least, I just hope they thought he was as cute as I did. No idea why he had to be much louder than he normally is :)

Good news is, the ENT said his ears look great, he passed his hearing tests with flying colors this time, and now we can go on our family trip next week!! Woo-hoo!!

We got him a chair more his size, hopefully we can use this one now instead of pulling out mommy's big lounge chair... so far he likes it.

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lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

I think imaginary friends are not only OK but good. Most kids have them. Tyson's happens to be an eating buddy! Grandma