Some of you may know that I recently discovered a nasty skin problem on our "little" Bizzarro. I was trying to get a knot out of his looooooong fur and found something that was just gross. I won't go into details, but we ended up taking him to the vet (he hadn't been in years). It ended up being just a minor problem on top of his skin, and they just wanted to shave him down to make sure there weren't any more problems hiding in his many knots.

I picked him up today after he was shaved and bathed. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw him. We have debated many times whether our little buddy was really as fat as he looked (and weighs... 21lbs!), or if he really just had a TON of fur. Well, now we know! I had to take some pics of him. The poor guy is having a rough night so far. His sisters don't recognize him and are letting him know about it. Maybe it's because he looks about half the size he used to and smells like vanilla shampoo :)

Before.... (he's on the far right)


"Mom, why did you let them do this?"

Maybe we can keep him knot-free now that we've gotten a clean start again. I just hope his sisters let him live in peace.


beckyboo said...

He still looks pretty big to me to be as big as Tyson! I'm so glad to read that Tyson is hearing better and saying many more words.

lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

How is Bizzarro now? He looks so different - has his hair grown back? It is tough being so fluffy! Grandma