Bath time and talking

I realized the other day that we hadn't taken pics of Tyson during bathtime since the first time he took a bath in the big boy bath tub (I think). So I got some of him the other day...

Showing off his snazzy ear plugs

Blackmail photo... heh heh

We have noticed a difference in his speech since he's gotten his tubes. Some words that he has added to his vocabulary in the last week (I'm sure I'll leave some out): get, off, uh-oh, monkey (I swear he said that today), juice, drink, shoes, no (he still shakes his head to say no most of the time, so that's good. Except when he shakes his head while I'm singing - maybe he's trying to tell me something).

Tonight we pulled out the letter and number magnets for the first time in months. He arranged them in a very particular order and would get upset if I tried to help him or move any of them. I kept asking him what it said, and every time he would say "cheech". Interesting.


the rodriguez crew said...

glad the surgery went well ... love the mohawk!

beckyboo said...

I'm so glad the tubes are working so well. Two of my brothers had them and they never had any problems. The pictures are really cute!