Steve is famous!

It sure is fun to see Steve's name in print in an e-mail blast. It's so crazy that he is building a high rise downtown. We're so proud of you Steve!



Some of you may know that I recently discovered a nasty skin problem on our "little" Bizzarro. I was trying to get a knot out of his looooooong fur and found something that was just gross. I won't go into details, but we ended up taking him to the vet (he hadn't been in years). It ended up being just a minor problem on top of his skin, and they just wanted to shave him down to make sure there weren't any more problems hiding in his many knots.

I picked him up today after he was shaved and bathed. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw him. We have debated many times whether our little buddy was really as fat as he looked (and weighs... 21lbs!), or if he really just had a TON of fur. Well, now we know! I had to take some pics of him. The poor guy is having a rough night so far. His sisters don't recognize him and are letting him know about it. Maybe it's because he looks about half the size he used to and smells like vanilla shampoo :)

Before.... (he's on the far right)


"Mom, why did you let them do this?"

Maybe we can keep him knot-free now that we've gotten a clean start again. I just hope his sisters let him live in peace.


More words

Daddy is one of the first words Tyson said. However, new to his vocabulary.... "Steve". He actually says "teve" but it is very obvious what he is saying. Guess I need to do a better job of calling him Daddy in front of Tyson :)

Other words added... bubbles, what is this, duck, quack, moo, baa, probably more but my brain must be too fried to remember them now.

**Update: how could I forget cookie, and the best one (right)... he says "no no no no no" and waves his finger at us sometimes.


Imaginary Friend

Today when I dropped Tyson off at school, Ms. Ashley asked me if I thought Tyson had an imaginary friend. She said that when he eats, he likes to have an empty seat next to him. He puts some of his food in front of the other chair and talks to himself (or his friend...). Then when the teachers turn around, he eats his friend's food. They only see him eat the food in front of him. She was hesitant to ask me about this because she said some parents freak out if you suggest their child has an imaginary friend. I thought it was great. I used to have 3 imaginary friends when I was little :)

We haven't ever thought he had one, but he also eats in a high chair at home so he doesn't have a chance to put food to the side for a friend. Guess we'll keep an eye out and see if we notice it too!!

We also had the first instance of Tyson talking loudly in a quiet public place... it was just in the waiting room of the ENT yesterday, but he said "OFF" very loudly when my cell phone screen turned off, then said "UH-OH" and said bye-bye to a man who got called in for his appointment. Not embarassing in the least, I just hope they thought he was as cute as I did. No idea why he had to be much louder than he normally is :)

Good news is, the ENT said his ears look great, he passed his hearing tests with flying colors this time, and now we can go on our family trip next week!! Woo-hoo!!

We got him a chair more his size, hopefully we can use this one now instead of pulling out mommy's big lounge chair... so far he likes it.

Bath time and talking

I realized the other day that we hadn't taken pics of Tyson during bathtime since the first time he took a bath in the big boy bath tub (I think). So I got some of him the other day...

Showing off his snazzy ear plugs

Blackmail photo... heh heh

We have noticed a difference in his speech since he's gotten his tubes. Some words that he has added to his vocabulary in the last week (I'm sure I'll leave some out): get, off, uh-oh, monkey (I swear he said that today), juice, drink, shoes, no (he still shakes his head to say no most of the time, so that's good. Except when he shakes his head while I'm singing - maybe he's trying to tell me something).

Tonight we pulled out the letter and number magnets for the first time in months. He arranged them in a very particular order and would get upset if I tried to help him or move any of them. I kept asking him what it said, and every time he would say "cheech". Interesting.


The Off-season

Ever wonder what the NBA stars do during the off-season? We caught up with Tim Duncan last week and snapped some photos of him doing what he must normally do during the summer. He seemed a little shorter than we thought he'd be but it must have been him...

Looks like he was holding a calculator and checking out a turtle in our neighbor's driveway...???
Spying on someone??
Yes Tim, everyone knows the Spurs are #1!
And yes, 7 feet tall is tall enough to say you're SOOOO BIG!


A happy and scary 4th

Grandma and Grandpa drove up this weekend and "insisted" that they watch Tyson on the 4th so Steve and I could go downtown and watch the downtown fireworks show from his building. They are up to the 37th floor now, and someone at Steve's company told everyone that he could see the fireworks from the 6th floor last year, so we headed over there and met one of his co-workers there.

For those who don't know, Steve is working on a high-rise downtown that will eventually be 40 stories tall. So... since they're on 37, there's a lot still under construction. Like, no elevators yet, etc. So, to get up to the top, we took a metal cage - looking thing that's attached to the outside of the building up to the 32nd floor, then climbed ladders up to 37.

I consider myself a pretty brave person, since I've been skydiving and have done some crazy attractions at theme parks. This put a little fear into me though. Here are some things that happened that were a "little" scary...

- Steve: "There's two [cage] elevators but I can't get the first one to work, let's try the second one"
- There's nothing to hold on to inside the cage. NOTHING. And it shakes while it's going up.
- (after we'd been going up for awhile in the cage elevator): "What floor are we at?" WHAT?!?! I heard a nice little story about the "safety" stop not stopping someone at the top of this elevator before, so I was picturing us going off the top of the building when I heard this... at this point I "suggested" that we get off on 31 just to be safe.
- (once we get off on 32) Steve and Clayton: "I think we need to turn the light off inside the cage or it might run out of power while we're up here"
- (once we get back on to go back down) Steve: "Hey Clayton, do I push the lever towards me make it go back down?" -- remember the story about going off the top of the track?!?!

All in all, we had fun, and everyone agreed that it was worth going up there even though a high-rise was blocking 2/3 of the fireworks (yeah thanks for the bad advice from last year). We still saw some good ones though and found out where some of our $3.90 per gallon is going (Shell paid for it)

I figure, how many chances do you get to go on the roof of a 37 story building to watch fireworks? Here's some pics :)

Hanging out and reading with Grandma and Grandpa!


Tube Day

Tyson had tubes put in his ears today. So far, he has done GREAT. The whole process, including registration and recovery, took less than 3 hours. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. He even wore his ear plugs during his bath tonight ~ that may end up being more of a battle as time goes on, but we'll see. Thanks for all the well wishes, let's hope it continues to go as well as it has so far, and that he will have some relief from his ear problems now!

Oh... and he also learned something new today :)