Tyson is scheduled for surgery on July 1st to get tubes in his ears. His left ear is over half-blocked with fluid, and his right ear also has too much fluid but he can hear a little better out of that one. Poor little guy probably hasn't been able to hear very well for months now - he definitely understands us though. We believe this is the right thing to do. The people we've talked to who have "been there" all say that they could tell a difference in their child as early as the next day. Let's hope Tyson does well and that it gets rid of his pain and stops the ear infections! (and that his parents don't become nervous wrecks while he's in surgery :)

I caught him on video doing one of his old tricks... some people will be proud of what he ends up picking out, it's the first time he hasn't picked a Baby Einstein video out of a stack... our DVD's used to be organized (yes, that is nerdy, and that is why we don't care anymore.........)

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Katie said...

That made me laugh out loud. Totally been there.