This picture isn't our favorite in the world, but it represents a HUGE breakthrough with our little picky eater. Tyson used to eat every kind of baby food we put in front of him. When he started eating table food he was very open to trying everything. Somewhere along the way he went the other direction and became extremely picky. Some of his big dislikes are pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, and any kind of meat except chicken nuggets (we know... strange). We've been trying to get him to atleast TRY everything that's offered to him, but that's a little hard to explain to a 17 month old. Pizza is one of the few things that he won't even acknowledge - he won't even look at it, let alone touch or taste it...

Until tonight! He had a very active day today, played outside a lot, swam and ran around all day. When we got in the car to come home he was exhausted and fell asleep. Steve and I hadn't eaten dinner yet and it was getting late so we stopped at Little Caesar's to get their hot-n-ready pizza and crazy bread. Tyson had already eaten but we put him in his high chair anyways at home in case he was still hungry. I was sitting next to him wolfing down some pizza so I could start his bath. I offered him some crazy bread, which he turned down. I didn't offer him the pizza... why would I? After I eat one piece he starts pointing at my plate. I figured he wanted crazy bread but he shook his head and pointed again. He could't want pizza... could he??? All I had left was crust so I tore some off... and HE ATE IT!!! I quietly said "Steve... he just ate some pizza crust!" I was trying not to make too big of a deal about it. He ended up eating the rest of the crust and said he wanted more. So I cut a chunk off another piece and he ate that too!!! We kept telling him he was a good boy for trying it! It may sound like we're getting excited about something small, but this is a big breakthrough for us! Hopefully it wasn't just a coincidence because he was over-tired or something. We would love to have him start broadening his taste buds again!!
When I got the camera out he kept shaking his head no, but I took his pic anyways. I had to document it :)

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