Photo Shoot & Updates

Tyson had his 18 month appointment last week. His normal doctor was booked up for months (he is great) so we went to another one in the practice that we'd seen before at the night clinic. Tyson is still above the 90th percentile for height, and between 50th-75th percentile for weight. They keep saying that's exactly what they like to see - tall and thin. Unfortunately, he had ANOTHER double ear infection. So, we are seeing an Ear Nose Throat specialist tomorrow because he's had 8 ear infections (some double) since January. Ridiculous. We think it may be delaying his speech too but we'll see what they say tomorrow.

On another note, we went to the park recently with our friends Ryan and Hilary Hignight. Ryan just graduated with a degree in photography so we asked him if he'd be interested in shooting pictures of us for Tyson's 18 month photos. He took a TON of pictures of us. We would definitely recommend him for anyone who's interested: ryan.hignight@gmail.com. Here are just a few of our favorites. (Ok, maybe not a few, it's hard to decide). Enjoy!

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the rodriguez crew said...

what fabulous pictures! tyson looks so sweet in all of them! and the family pics are great too. sounds like mrs. hignight needs a blog?!?! you better work on that. :)