The Beach

Steve and I got to escape a little bit last weekend to Port Aransas. It was our delayed 30th birthday celebration. Tyson stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and did GREAT! He got to play a lot with his cousins and didn't get sick this time, so hopefully we finally figured out how to prevent that. He was a little angel for them. Steve and I had a great time, despite our condo losing A/C the first night... but they made up for it.

We didn't take a ton of pictures, but I actually went back to our room to get the camera after we made this (don't laugh, this took a couple of hours to do and had to be rebuilt halfway through thanks to some out-of-control kids next to us). we're pretty proud of this - this is one of many pics of it :)

This might be normal for the beach, but we both thought it was funny when we heard the ice cream truck song playing...

Steve didn't want our masterpiece to be ruined by anyone else!

We decided Tyson's old enough to look at the Victoria's Secret catalog now :)

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the rodriguez crew said...

ahhh hahahaha the T is hilarious, but Tyson lookinga at the VS catalog is priceless! I bet Steve was so proud. :)