18 Months

Today, Tyson is 18 months old! His check up is next week so we'll do another post with all of his official information after that. He is saying a few words but mostly talks to us in his own language. He says all kinds of things to us and sometimes gets frustrated when we don't know what "blabukmaptut" means. We usually humor him and say something like "really? what else happened?" heh heh. Any translaters out there?

He runs all over the place and has a lot less falls than he used to. He is learning animal sounds and can tell us what dogs, cats, lions and cows say (he used to say that all animals said "ROAAAAAR"). He can show you where his nose, mouth, ears, and belly button are (love the belly button one). He has really started getting into belly buttons and tries to lift up our shirts and stick things in our belly buttons. I'm still trying to catch him on camera showing his belly button.

Tyson has also discovered climbing. We figured this would happen eventually. Yesterday he climbed up onto the kitchen table - Steve will die when he sees this. Don't worry - this is the last
time he will do this :)

We taught him how to be resourceful... who needs a plate when you've got a frisbee handy??

He is learning how to share... good thing the cats aren't really interested in much human food so far! Toonces has been a little surprise - she was our least people-friendly cat, and could care less if she ever gets petted or picked up, but she seems to like kids. She is around Tyson more than the other two and puts up with his "petting" very well (a.k.a. pulling fur and hitting).

Tyson is VERY into copying us, either by trying to say what we say or by copying us physically. You can tell he really wants to learn.

Picking some "flowers"... or weeds, whatever you want to call them

Hangin' in the pool with Daddy! Loves the pool! He is so much more ready for it this year than last year. Now we just need to get him into Grandma and Grandpa's big pool with all of his cousins!

We're hoping to post some more videos on here soon!! Ohhhhh... how could I forget the eating? He is still improving on the picky eating front. For example... on Monday he ate 3 HELPINGS of spaghetti at school. He would never touch noodles of any kind about a week ago... NICE!!! He has branched out on a few other things too... today his daily report said he ate a bean burrito but the afternoon teacher isn't in there during lunch so I can't confirm that until tomorrow morning, but he had to atleast eat a good amount for them to write that...

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