Surprises from our little man

Since Tyson could crawl, he has had "computer radar." When one of us turns on one of the computers, he immediately comes running. We even got him some toddler software that came with its own keyboard for Christmas because he liked being on the computer so much.

Recently I have been turning on the laptop at the kitchen table to look up things (restaurant phone numbers, Spurs game times, etc). Of course he comes running when he hears it coming on. His software is on the desktop computer, so when I decide to give in and let him type on the laptop, I open Microsoft Word and let him loose. I just use the mouse to close things when he presses the right key combinations.

Well... the other day he was "typing" and the Office Assistant popped up. You know, that little paper clip looking thing that everyone thinks is so annoying. I found a pic of it, hopefully I won't get in trouble for using it...I think I discovered Microsoft's plan. 17 month olds apparently love that little thing. Tyson shrieks when he sees it and now he tries to talk to it. He points at it, asking me to make it move or make noise. He gets so excited. I think it's their plan to get kids involved with their products early on. (That was the first surprise... someone actually likes that thing)

Then, I was trying to catch him on video shaking his head no, so we could look back on it later and remember how cute it is (heh heh). For the past week or so, when ANYONE asks him if they can have a kiss, he shakes his head no. If you act like you're sad he will sometimes give in. Well, I asked him for a kiss and got a surprise.... watch and see! (it's near the end of the video)

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the rodriguez crew said...

how adorable was that!! you're the lucky one who actually gets the kiss! too cute. gosh i can't believe he's so big already?!?!