I couldn't hold back any longer. I wanted to put something up after the first series when the SPURS blew the Suns away but I resisted the urge. All I will say, is it is hard not to say some elementary school phrase like "in your face" when a team trades players and centers their season around beating your team, and then your team proceeds to tear them apart.

Then, the series against the Hornets was really unusual. We knew they could pull it off in game 7, but there was a little doubt lurking in the air considering the Spurs hadn't played well at all in New Orleans. It sure was fun to watch the game last night, even though Reggie Miller was making unintelligent and useless comments the whole time. We ordered Tyson some more Spurs gear since he's outgrown his jersey from last year. I'm sure some pics will make it up here once we get them in the mail :)

Now, on to LA to face the Lakers... we'll be watching!! Repeat?!?!?

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