We met a friend for dinner the other day and they had a sandbox in the front of the restaurant with a ton of toys in it. We got there a few minutes early so I let Tyson play in it. There was a little girl about 6 years old already in it. Tyson walked into the sandbox, picked up a truck, and then just stood there. I should have timed it, it was probably a good 3 minutes or more. The little girl and I were both trying to get him to play, but he just kept standing there looking around and holding the truck. I guess he was trying to figure out if it was safe or something!! Finally a boy around 3 or 4 years old came in and started shoveling sand into buckets and dump trucks, and then Tyson started doing it. Of course, that was right when we got called to our table so I had to take him out right when he started enjoying it. I took a picture on my cell phone, which normally takes horrible pictures, but this one is pretty decent for my phone. Atleast now we know he likes it!



I couldn't hold back any longer. I wanted to put something up after the first series when the SPURS blew the Suns away but I resisted the urge. All I will say, is it is hard not to say some elementary school phrase like "in your face" when a team trades players and centers their season around beating your team, and then your team proceeds to tear them apart.

Then, the series against the Hornets was really unusual. We knew they could pull it off in game 7, but there was a little doubt lurking in the air considering the Spurs hadn't played well at all in New Orleans. It sure was fun to watch the game last night, even though Reggie Miller was making unintelligent and useless comments the whole time. We ordered Tyson some more Spurs gear since he's outgrown his jersey from last year. I'm sure some pics will make it up here once we get them in the mail :)

Now, on to LA to face the Lakers... we'll be watching!! Repeat?!?!?


Surprises from our little man

Since Tyson could crawl, he has had "computer radar." When one of us turns on one of the computers, he immediately comes running. We even got him some toddler software that came with its own keyboard for Christmas because he liked being on the computer so much.

Recently I have been turning on the laptop at the kitchen table to look up things (restaurant phone numbers, Spurs game times, etc). Of course he comes running when he hears it coming on. His software is on the desktop computer, so when I decide to give in and let him type on the laptop, I open Microsoft Word and let him loose. I just use the mouse to close things when he presses the right key combinations.

Well... the other day he was "typing" and the Office Assistant popped up. You know, that little paper clip looking thing that everyone thinks is so annoying. I found a pic of it, hopefully I won't get in trouble for using it...I think I discovered Microsoft's plan. 17 month olds apparently love that little thing. Tyson shrieks when he sees it and now he tries to talk to it. He points at it, asking me to make it move or make noise. He gets so excited. I think it's their plan to get kids involved with their products early on. (That was the first surprise... someone actually likes that thing)

Then, I was trying to catch him on video shaking his head no, so we could look back on it later and remember how cute it is (heh heh). For the past week or so, when ANYONE asks him if they can have a kiss, he shakes his head no. If you act like you're sad he will sometimes give in. Well, I asked him for a kiss and got a surprise.... watch and see! (it's near the end of the video)


Mother's Day, etc

Steve and Tyson have given me a great Mother's Day so far. They woke me up with breakfast in bed. Tyson had eaten some coffee cake and was on a sugar high - it was hilarious. We have been enjoying him so much this week. Now that he's (pretty much) completely healthy we have our fun, energetic son back! His new things are shaking his head no (atleast he doesn't actually say it yet), running even faster, getting to know his classmates, trying to say more words (he's said duck and kitty a few times but not consistently, but he can say mama, daddy, cheese, this), and becoming a VERY picky eater. We are working on that now.

This must look like his nap mat at school. He kept wanting to lay on it (ewwwww)

Jammy, Mommy and Tyson on Mother's Day

On Friday morning, Tyson's school did a "Moms and Muffins" breakfast. They had the cafeteria decorated and served muffins and drinks. Tyson didn't eat a whole lot because he was so excited to be sitting in a big boy chair. He kept patting it and laughing. We were also sitting across from one of his classmates so they kept "talking" to each other. He ate more breakfast when he got to his classroom. It was a cute breakfast. They also gave us some crafts they had the kids make earlier in the week.

Random pictures of Tyson playing and exploring...

Another new thing he does now is sit on the curb when he's playing outside. If there is a toy or a newspaper closeby, he will grab it, then go sit on the curb and ask you to come sit next to him. It's pretty funny for us to watch. Then he gets up, moves a few feet down and sits down again. Who knows where he got this from! Here he is sitting with Papa on the curb by their house.

Here are some of the things he does. We must ask him to do them too often because he starts doing another one before we even ask him :)