The real Tyson is back...

Tyson started getting noticeably better on Saturday afternoon. What a relief. He was happy, playing, being goofy, purposely running into Mommy with his push toys (he thinks that is hilarous) and just generally being a happy kid. Let's hope that he continues to feel better once he is done taking his anti-biotics!!

We took him to get a hair cut on Saturday evening. His hair was SOOOOO long. I think we cheated on his first two haircuts by having it done by people he knows very well - Ms. Amy and Ms. Darlene. He did great for them. This one was done at a kid's haircut place, but he still hated it. He even had his own personal movie at his haircut station, but I don't think he noticed that it was on. Sorry Tyson, but you look so much better now!

On Sunday, we went to U of H to walk in the March of Dimes March for Babies. Thank you to all who helped sponsor the Royce team! All 3 of us did the walk. After we had walked for a couple of miles, Tyson decided he wanted to get out and walk by himself. Since we were in a sea of people that was not really an option, so he let us know he didn't agree with our decision :) We let him run around for a long time once we got back to the tent. He had fun getting a balloon animal from a clown, and loved the airplane-shaped balloons that the Continental tent was flying nearby.

This might be my new favorite picture. On Sunday afternoon he climbed up on a kitchen chair all by himself. He was really proud of himself and gave me a nice smile :)

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