The real Tyson is back...

Tyson started getting noticeably better on Saturday afternoon. What a relief. He was happy, playing, being goofy, purposely running into Mommy with his push toys (he thinks that is hilarous) and just generally being a happy kid. Let's hope that he continues to feel better once he is done taking his anti-biotics!!

We took him to get a hair cut on Saturday evening. His hair was SOOOOO long. I think we cheated on his first two haircuts by having it done by people he knows very well - Ms. Amy and Ms. Darlene. He did great for them. This one was done at a kid's haircut place, but he still hated it. He even had his own personal movie at his haircut station, but I don't think he noticed that it was on. Sorry Tyson, but you look so much better now!

On Sunday, we went to U of H to walk in the March of Dimes March for Babies. Thank you to all who helped sponsor the Royce team! All 3 of us did the walk. After we had walked for a couple of miles, Tyson decided he wanted to get out and walk by himself. Since we were in a sea of people that was not really an option, so he let us know he didn't agree with our decision :) We let him run around for a long time once we got back to the tent. He had fun getting a balloon animal from a clown, and loved the airplane-shaped balloons that the Continental tent was flying nearby.

This might be my new favorite picture. On Sunday afternoon he climbed up on a kitchen chair all by himself. He was really proud of himself and gave me a nice smile :)


Where have we been?

Yes... we know... we haven't posted anything in awhile. April 2008 has been the worst month so far for our little family. Let's see if I can remember everything... I'm sure I will forget something. Earlier this week, Jeremy told me that we must be doomed for the month of April and starting May 1st, everything will be better. Let's hope so!!! This is probably going to be a long post.

We need to buy stock in HEB Pharmaceuticals and the FM 1960 Pediatric Center. I think we could have almost kept them in business by ourselves this past month.

Tyson has been congested for over a month now. That's how it started. Now that you can't get over the counter medicine for infants anymore, we have to try to fix it by sucking it out of his nose and having him sleep with a humidifier. (yeah....) If the doctors think he is really congested they will write us a prescription. We tried one and it didn't work. He just got more congested, so we went back two different times and tried two more. Between the two visits Tyson developed a sinus infection in his nose and eyes. At that point, he was so congested that he was throwing up because he couldn't breathe. (Dr visit count: 3; Prescription count: 4)

So, we go to the after hours clinic on a Monday night. The doctor really tries to listen to him breathe (Tyson is screaming and freaking out no matter what tricks we try to distract him). He figures out that Tyson's bronchials in his lungs are almost completely closed and that he needs to be put on steroids and a breathing treatment. He also has a double ear infection. FUN!! They want us to do the first breathing treatment in the office to make sure he improves before they tell us to go buy the machine (nebulizer). Of course, he REALLY hates it. We need to get a picture of it and put it on here. It's a mask that straps on to his head over his nose and mouth, and the machine makes vapors go into the mask for about 10 minutes. The doctor decided that it did help Tyson, so he prescribes the machine and other medicine to help all of his problems. For the first 48 hours, he needed the treatment every 4 hours (including the middle of the night... it was like the newborn days all over again!) (Dr visit count: 4; Prescription count: 8)

Luckily, his teachers already knew how to give a child the nebulizer treatment, so we were able to send him back to school while he still needed it. After about 5 days he had improved quite a bit, so we decided to make a trip to Corpus to visit Steve's family. We hadn't been since December. Well.... Tyson is apparently allergic to something there because the congestion came back and we had trouble even getting him to eat. Later that week we saw Dr LaCour for a follow-up from the double ear infection and asked him for ideas. He thinks Tyson has allergies, especially since none of the congestion meds are working on him. So he tells us to start giving him Zyrtec (especially when in Corpus). (Dr visit count: 5; Prescription count: 9)

Around the 14th, mommy started getting sick (sore throat, basic flu symptoms). I started taking Day Quil and Ny Quil, which usually works magic for me. Not this time.

Then, starting on the 17th, Tyson starts getting the runs. There was a lot of mucus (sorry if that's TMI). The timing was right about the time his antibiotics were done and he started taking Zyrtec, so Dr LaCour thought it was because he was getting rid of the last of his sinus/ear infection.

On the 18th, mommy turned 30! I was really sick in the morning but went to work because we have a tradition of decorating co-worker's offices for birthdays, so I couldn't let them down! A friend recommended some medicine that she thought would help, so I got it and LOVE IT. I was feeling somewhat better by the end of the day, which was good because my parents had made a yummy dinner of some of my favorite food. We went over there for dinner and dessert! Jammy had all kinds of special decorations to remind me how old I am.

This is where it starts getting really crazy.... on Sunday, Tyson and I both took a turn for the worst. Tyson vomited on Papa 3 times (sorry!!!), still had the runs and congestion. My head felt like it was going to explode all day, which was also making my stomach hurt, and no medication was helping. On Monday, I still felt horrible but went into work anyways. Tyson's problems seemed under control so he went to school. At around 9, Tyson's teacher called and told me he threw up 3 times and that we needed to pick him up. I went and got him and then made doctor appointments for both him and me.

The timing of the appointments caused Steve to have to leave work early and take Tyson to his appt. My doctor ended up telling me that I have a sinus infection and prescribed some stuff. I drove over to Tyson's doctor, where they were in a waiting room. Steve told me that he thinks he's going to be sick and is having trouble standing up. So I tell him to just go home. Long story short, I wait in the room for an HOUR for a doctor to show up. He gives us some stuff to give Tyson after each time he vomits and has the runs. By then I am not feeling so great either. Steve ended up getting sick as soon as he got home, and I followed suit as soon as I got home. (Dr visit count: 7; Prescription count: 13)

Jammy happened to call and asked if she could help, so she picked up our meds and got us some food and drinks. She saved our lives that night. Steve and I could barely move, let alone take care of Tyson properly.

Then, Tyson wakes up around 11 PM and threw up in his crib. Of course my mom wasn't there anymore so Steve and I had to help him. Somehow I got some adrenaline or something because I was able to to take care of it when 3 hours before I couldn't even stand up. So... all 3 of us stayed home on Tuesday.

Wednesday we all went to work / day care as usual (yea). All 3 of us still had problems but were just trying to deal with it.

Thursday, Tyson woke up pretty congested but I didn't think much of it because the pollen levels are REALLY high and he apparently reacts to that. So I'm going along my normal routine and I pull into the school parking lot, and he throws up all over himself and his carseat. I'm just thinking, this is unbelievable!!! So I wipe off his hands and his face and turn around to go back home. It took forever to clean his car seat. I got everything cleaned up, gave him something to eat and drink, then took him back to school.

Friday, I had to turn around twice on the way to drop Tyson off because I forgot something. Then, Tyson's teacher calls me around 9 and says that he threw up again, but that I don't need to come get him. By this point I am starting to freak out. He has obviously lost weight and obviously has some kind of problem that isn't going away. Luckily I have a great boss who could tell I was freaking out, so I was able to leave early and get Tyson. As soon as I got there, he threw up again all over himself and me. We took him to the after hours clinic again at night where they told us there is a major stomach virus going around and that's what he has. Oh, and he also has a double ear infection AGAIN. By now he has also developed a bad diaper rash so we got a prescription for that too. (Dr visit count: 9; (I also had a dr appt in the morning) Prescription count: 15)

Here is a picture of most of our meds. It doesn't include the ones we finished and threw away or the ones we just got on Friday....

So, we're trying to hang in there and get everyone back to normal. We know it could be a lot worse than it is, and other people have worse things going on, but this has been rough for us! I didn't mention all of the times we called his doctor, did laundry over and over again, got up in the middle of the night, had to cancel plans, etc.

We're ready to have fun again!!!!!

Mommy and Tyson before the drama really developed