Uncle Nick, Aunt Amber and the NCAA Tourney

Uncle Nick and Aunt Amber flew in last weekend for the NCAA regionals. We had a great time at the games and really loved spending time with everyone together.

The first game was Stanford vs. Texas. In case you haven't had the privilege to watch Stanford's mascot, you need to. It is the most retarded mascot we had ever seen. First of all, why a tree? They are the Cardinals. Then... if it's a tree, why does it dance around non-stop like it's on drugs? A tree should just stand there, shouldn't it? And you'd think with all of the brains and money at that school they could come up with a better costume. There are a lot more pictures where these came from.

Here is a picture of it walking out after they lost. I heard it made some obscene gestures to some Texas fans. I had to include it because it's the closest we got to it!

Took Tyson to the park again on Saturday - we took a lot of swing pictures again but we've already done that a few times, so here is one of Aunt Amber pushing him!

Whose kid is this? Steve and I both hate tomatoes more than anything. He must have inherited this from Jammy, Uncle Nick or one of the Torno's!

Steve sat by himself for awhile on Sunday's game. He was the only one rooting for Texas. Something about picking them in his brackets and being a Big 12 fan. I had to cheer for Memphis... because of my brackets :)

Got messy with some whipped cream at Cheesecake Factory!!

I had to include this one - he was trying to put the lens cover on the video camera. I liked the look on his face.

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Lauren said...

Hi! I'm Katie Liardon's sister (Jeremy's sister-in-law) and I check your site occasionally from Katie's. Tyson is SOOOO cute! I can't believe how big he is already! I love your pictures and comments about the tree, too! That cracks me up!