First week of day care

Well, the first week is over, and hopefully it will be easier from now on. Monday was the hardest day for Tyson (and his parents) - but we already covered that day in the last post. Every day when I picked him up, his teachers said he did better than the day before. He doesn't have to have his paci and blanket ALL the time now. He had less "sad time" and ate better each day he was there so that is also great! He seems to especially like Ms. Kay, who switches between his room and another room during the week.

One of the main drawbacks about having him around alot of other kids though... he has a pretty runny nose now, so as long as that doesn't turn into a sinus/ear infection (like it normally does) we can manage that and hopefully get rid of it soon.

So, I think we will all be OK in our new arrangement! We've taken some videos that we want to share so maybe this weekend I can get that done too. Happy Easter everyone!

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