Uncle Nick, Aunt Amber and the NCAA Tourney

Uncle Nick and Aunt Amber flew in last weekend for the NCAA regionals. We had a great time at the games and really loved spending time with everyone together.

The first game was Stanford vs. Texas. In case you haven't had the privilege to watch Stanford's mascot, you need to. It is the most retarded mascot we had ever seen. First of all, why a tree? They are the Cardinals. Then... if it's a tree, why does it dance around non-stop like it's on drugs? A tree should just stand there, shouldn't it? And you'd think with all of the brains and money at that school they could come up with a better costume. There are a lot more pictures where these came from.

Here is a picture of it walking out after they lost. I heard it made some obscene gestures to some Texas fans. I had to include it because it's the closest we got to it!

Took Tyson to the park again on Saturday - we took a lot of swing pictures again but we've already done that a few times, so here is one of Aunt Amber pushing him!

Whose kid is this? Steve and I both hate tomatoes more than anything. He must have inherited this from Jammy, Uncle Nick or one of the Torno's!

Steve sat by himself for awhile on Sunday's game. He was the only one rooting for Texas. Something about picking them in his brackets and being a Big 12 fan. I had to cheer for Memphis... because of my brackets :)

Got messy with some whipped cream at Cheesecake Factory!!

I had to include this one - he was trying to put the lens cover on the video camera. I liked the look on his face.


First Egg Hunt

Tyson had his first egg hunt today! He is battling a cold but still had a blast hunting around after we showed him what to do. He even figured out that it was easier to leave his basket in one place and bring the eggs back to it.

It takes a lot of hard work and concentration to make sure your basket of eggs is set up correctly!

I was checking out my stash when suddenly I heard an egg breaking above my head... heyyyyy Daddy!


First week of day care

Well, the first week is over, and hopefully it will be easier from now on. Monday was the hardest day for Tyson (and his parents) - but we already covered that day in the last post. Every day when I picked him up, his teachers said he did better than the day before. He doesn't have to have his paci and blanket ALL the time now. He had less "sad time" and ate better each day he was there so that is also great! He seems to especially like Ms. Kay, who switches between his room and another room during the week.

One of the main drawbacks about having him around alot of other kids though... he has a pretty runny nose now, so as long as that doesn't turn into a sinus/ear infection (like it normally does) we can manage that and hopefully get rid of it soon.

So, I think we will all be OK in our new arrangement! We've taken some videos that we want to share so maybe this weekend I can get that done too. Happy Easter everyone!


First day in Day Care

Happy St. Patty's day! Today was Tyson's first day at Zion Lutheran Day Care. Mommy and Daddy had a hard time sleeping last night because we were worried about how he would do. (I put him in there last week for about 30 minutes while I filled out his registration papers, and that didn't go so well...) When we first walked into his classroom, we filled Ms. Ashley in on his likes/dislikes and went to play with a toy. He was ok for about 5 seconds and then realized that I was going to leave. He threw a HUGE fit. He was so upset his paci fell out of his mouth (he normally has complete control over it and can cough/sneeze without it budging). I told him bye bye and that I was coming back later and left - I know you're not supposed to draw out good-byes so I didn't, even though I wanted to hug him :(

He didn't eat a whole lot during the day, but there were a lot of green foods/drinks today because of the holiday so that might have weirded him out (green butter, milk, water, etc). The director told me she checked on him a few times during the morning and he had a "what are they going to make me do now" type of attitude - I would have loved to see it!! His teachers said he had his ups and downs but did pretty well considering it was his first time in day care. He kept his blanket with him at all times in the morning. He took his nap and ate his snacks, but not breakfast or lunch. I'm sure that will get better with time. I think his teachers are very good and the director is definitely involved and aware of everything that's going on. We'll try to put an update on here again at the end of this week, or next week.

For those of you who have kept him in your home, thank you for everything you've done for us. We treasure the time he's spent with you and will make sure we visit from time to time!

The first picture is the main building and where the infant classrooms are. Tyson's classroom is in this building.

When we first got in the car after I picked him up - he was mad at me/ relieved/ exhausted/ etc...

When we pulled in the driveway... I did one of my usual tricks to make him smile :)
YES... now I'm back at home with MY toys and MY OWN package of Goldfish! I think he tried to play with every single toy he has once he got home. Our downstairs is a disaster area right now!

Chilling out on the couch before bath time watching an Elmo DVD... does he look tired? :)