Grandparents and Valentine's

Here are a few pics from a trip to the park with Jammy and Papa.

Little Hitler didn't like the first tunnel we tried, but loved this one!

Swinging on the park bench

Valentine's present

Since Tyson is still a little young for candy, we decided to get him a bouncy ball for Valentine's. Unfortunately, Mommy was the only one who saw his initial reaction to it (he discovered it a day early). He LOVES this ball. I wish I had the video camera on when he saw it. Lots of shrieking and laughing! He played with it all night and barely stayed still long enough to get some pics taken. He still plays with it a lot.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit last weekend. We had a great time! Grandpa was very nice and played outside with Tyson every time he wanted to go. One time Tyson wanted to take his car outside, but decided he'd rather push it than ride in it.

Jammy, stop tickling me!

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