First Word?

Ok... we are pretty much ready to declare Tyson's first word... drum roll... it's "THIS". He points to almost everything and says "this". We think it's because Ms. Sara asks him "Do you want this?", "What is this?" etc. He has been saying it like crazy lately. He also might be saying Daddy, as he sometimes says "Addy" when he wants Steve's attention. We think it's pretty cute. Still working on Mommy... :)

Here is a recent pic of our little character.

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Linda Torno said...

Tyson looks like he has grown so much since we last saw him.
Kids are too cute. When they start talking and latch on to certain words or phrases, you never know what they are really meaning.....but it is usually very cute and sometimes very funny.
I'll have to tell Ray not to say "What is this?"
Can't wait to see all of you again. Please hug everyone for me, Mom