Bathroom Incident

This may be normal for experienced moms and dads, and it's not like Tyson hasn't gotten us before, but to this point it hasn't been quite like this yet.... it's pretty funny to me now that it's overwith so maybe someone else will find it humorous.

Yesterday morning I was running short on time. I went to wake Tyson up to get him ready for the day. He did NOT want to wake up. I put him on his changing table and took his diaper off, as normal. He rolled over and pretended to go back to sleep. I rolled him back over. As soon as I put his dirty diaper in the diaper champ I could tell he was about to go. Normally if he does this, just a little bit squirts out and that's it. Yesterday, however.... he must have saved up everything he drank the day before and unloaded it all on the changing table and his legs.

So, I had to give him a quick bath (at least his bottom half). For those who haven't been to our house, the upstairs bathroom is directly across the hall from Tyson's room. I picked him up off the changing table and set him down in the middle of the bathroom floor while I turned the tub on. Then I went back into his room to try to clean up the changing table, watching him the whole time. He starts to whine, points at me, and starts peeing again! And he somehow still has a ton in there to get rid of!! He gets it all over the floor and on the rug.

All I could do was laugh, wash off his legs, dress him, hang up all of the wet stuff, and dart out the door. Somehow I was sitting at my desk at 8:03.


Anonymous said...

KIDS !!!!!
This is a very funny story. Next time we are together, I'll tell you another one (not only funny but gross). It is amazing what mothers and dads are called upon to do and deal with. Was Tyson laughting or just "going with the moment"? Anyway, as I was reading the story, I was trying to visualize the incident and his face as it progressed. All I could do was laugh, Grandma

Anonymous said...

I don't know where Tyson gets it, I am sure that his Dad never did anything like that to his mother. Your mistake in the second phase of the incident was leaving the water running in the tub. No little boy can handle that kind of provocation. Where was Steve, I'm sure he would have been glad to help clean up. Hope to see you guys soon, Grandpa Torno

Julie said...

Hilarious! (now). You are brave leaving him in the bathroom without a diaper! I remember when Ethan was just a baby..maybe 4 mos.? and I apparently forgot how much prune juice the doctor said to give him with his formula, so..with his diaper ON, I had to actually CUT his onsie off of him because he was covered from exploding. Poor baby. It was not fun. He acted like nothing was even happening. Didn't seem bothered at all.