Look what marriage can do to you...

A few years ago, Steve and I wouldn't have been caught dead in the "other team's" shirts. Tyson is going to have some decisions to make... whose side will he choose? At the rate we're going, there won't be "sides" anymore.


Steve isn't too happy with the team in this picture at the moment. But, I had to post it to make sure both teams were represented.


Steve said...

You can tell If you look at the pictures that Tyson is much happier in his Cowboy’s gear.

Linda Torno said...

This is such a good idea. The pictures are great and I think the three of you look great in both -
By the way, Ray has installed a new
phone on the wall and removed the stool that the old phone was sitting on. The area looks much better and the phone won't be a temtation to Tyson.
By the way, he is growing up too fast! Grandma