Pictures: 7-10 months old

Here are some of the pics we sent out during Tyson's earlier months... more earlier pics to come... enjoy!

10 months:

9 months:

8 months:

7 months: (GO SPURS GO!!!)


Look what marriage can do to you...

A few years ago, Steve and I wouldn't have been caught dead in the "other team's" shirts. Tyson is going to have some decisions to make... whose side will he choose? At the rate we're going, there won't be "sides" anymore.


Steve isn't too happy with the team in this picture at the moment. But, I had to post it to make sure both teams were represented.


Welcome to our site!

Ok, so now that Tyson is 13 months old, I finally had to admit that I don't have the time to design and build a really cool website for our family. So, we created this blog! We will do our best to keep it updated... and put some pics up from earlier in his life too. So far it is easier than what we've been doing to this point!

Tyson goes to the park

We took Tyson to a park last weekend. We all had fun. I'm sure it will be even more fun once he can climb on the equipment by himself. For now we are content swinging on the swings and sliding with Mommy and Daddy.

What is this stuff?

Still deciding whether I like slides or not

Walking to the swings with Daddy


This is interesting...

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Merry Christmas

After downloading our pictures, I realized that most of the pictures we took at Christmas were only of Tyson. Not what we intended. So, if any family has pictures of other people we would love to see them. What can I say, it was hard to resist little Santa, and we spent a lot of time chasing him around those days so we couldn't take as many as we wanted. We included a few other holiday-time pics too.

Already knows to ham
it up for the camera

Tackled cousin Christine!

Hi cousin Caleb!

Love my new teddy bear


Happy 1st Birthday!

Tyson had his first cupcake on his "real" birthday... got a lot messier with that one than he did with his birthday cake!

Tyson's birthday party was a blast. He got a lot of great presents from family and friends. His cousins, aunts & uncles and grandparents from Corpus Christi made the long drive to come too!!

Hanging out with
Uncle Shane and Caleb

The cakes... one for us... one for him

Thank you, Mr. Brent and Mrs. Darlene!

This is wearing me out!

Hey baby... need a ride?